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We believe that the success of any business entity, regardless of size, is a direct result of its relationships with the customers it serves as well as the businesses it cooperates with.

In the intensely competitive and changing landscape in which we are all asked to operate and live, only with great difficulty and cost can someone be self-sufficient - if that is even feasible.

Consistency, respect and mutual benefit are all key factors in maintaining good relationships and constitute the foundation on which Net-it continuously operate and develop.
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  Business Partners

Active Computers Systems Integrator, Authorized IBM & HP Service Center
Alfacom UPS and High-End Rack Systems
BeSecure Firewall, VPN and Security Systems and Services
Digital Sima AntiVirus, Firewall, Security and Integrity Systems
Microsoft Hellas Software Systems
Oktabit Hardware and Software Distribution
Rentron Rack Systems
Symantec AntiVirus, Firewall, Security, Recovery and Integrity Systems
T&K AntiVirus Systems
WestNet Hardware and Software Distribution

Notice : The above companies appear in alphabetical order.

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