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  Activities > Web design  
  Internet application and Web site development  
  Net-it, both on its own as well as in cooperation with Bits'n'Bytes undertakes the development of Web sites and applications for every need.

Our proposals are tailored to your needs in order to reach the right solution for everyone.

Our long experience in the field, along with the efficiency of our projects, ensures for you a successful presence in the Greek and international Internet scene.

Examples of sites developed follow (in alphabetical order) except of course for the site you are viewing at this moment !
  The B Project  
  Dynamic, original, free!  
Special mention goes to BProject, the Web site development and maintenance tool, which is the engine behind the Net-it site you are currently viewing.

It is a unique product in its field and represents a great opportunity for evolving companies and companies who prefer to have direct, on the spot and dynamic control over their Internet presence. With a customized artistic concept paired with standardized administration methods, it offers ease and flexibility, comfort and uniqueness.

The following link downloads the application brochure as well as the pricelist of every standard and optional component.

For the moment this brochure exists only in a Greek version.

The B Project brochure (2MB)
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