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  Net-it OE was founded in 2009 and constitutes the evolution of Net-it, which has been supplying IT goods and services since 2004.

The early days...

Net-it's history starts in the early 80s, during the romantic years of the computer age, when its founder was charmed by those ugly boxes with the unforeseen capabilities. It was the age of punch cards and mainframes as well as the first PCs.

Developments were rapid and along came knowledge and experience. On one hand what works efficiently and what doesn't - from IBM AS/400 systems to Novell and Microsoft business platforms with dozens of PC users, remote access and management over the Internet - and on the other hand what it is that matters to the end customer - concepts like dependability, accountability, integrity, availability and immediate support.


Eventually, after 17 years of end-customer and IT vendor employment, Net-it was founded, with a goal to provide to the business customer what its founder valued when he was in their shoes. The constant growth of the company, both in customer numbers as in partnerships, clearly shows that the instinct is correct and that the result is up to everyone's expectations.

Net-it ΟΕ...

The foundation of the OE in June 2009 marks the expansion of Net-it's business activities. Aiming to cover the whole spectrum of its customer's needs, Net-it continues to invest in its workforce, new technologies and strategic partnerships, while at the same time maintaining its bonds with everything that has proven valuable over time.

In the midst of an economic crisis, Net-it not only survives but also grows.

Stay in touch... we are off to a very entertaining voyage!
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